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Important Upcoming Dates:

October 1st – pool closes

December 8th– annual meeting

 Recent Social Programs

  • Container Gardening Seminar
  • Yoga Classes (ongoing)

Recent Community Improvements

  • Pressure washing of all buildings, patios/balconies, stairs, walk-ways, sidewalks and mailboxes
  • Landscaping: Fair Haven island, 11-18 & 61-64 Fair Haven, 61-65 Rumson, Arbor End island, 45-48 Little Silver, Little Silver/Parkway entrance
  • Replacement of plants damaged over the winter (ongoing)
  • Rock drainage creek at rear side of 68 Fair Haven

Our website – contains helpful and important information about our community.

In addition to submitting questions or comments to the Board and /or Sharper Image (in the “contact us” section) you can also access information and download forms for many things including the Association’s rules & regulations, parking permits, clubhouse rentals, enclosure easements, and requests for patio/balcony enclosures

Property Management Company

Sharper Image is our management company. Please contact them directly for all questions you may have relating to our community. You can reach them by:

Phone: (770) 973-5923 or Fax (770) 973-5911 – Monday–Friday from 9:00 to 4:00. After hours an answering service will take your call and if an emergency exists they will contact the appropriate persons.


Address: P.O. Box 6188, Marietta, GA 30065-0188

If you have any concerns about Sharper Image, please visit the website, click on “contact us” and let us know about the problem. A Board member will respond to you as soon as possible.

New Committees

Three new committees are being formed: Social, Landscaping, and Architectural. These committees will assist the Board in developing and implementing new concepts and updating/refining existing programs. The level of participation will be totally up to each individual.

If you would like to become involved in any (or all) of these groups please leave your name, contact information, and which committee you are interested in at the “contact us” section of or let a board member know when you see one. A number of people have already signed up for the committees and we’re looking forward to having more people getting involved.

 In case you didn’t know…

Pest Control

Hillsdale’s pest control company, Northwest Exterminating offers discounted prices to Hillsdale’s homeowners should they wish to have the interior of their condos treated. Please remember that this expense is not covered by the Association. If you are interested in learning more please contact Northwest Exterminating directly at 770-436-2020.


And now, some of the standard reminders…

Pets and Landscaping

Please be considerate of your neighbors and respectful of the time and effort put into the landscaping. Do not walk your dog in front of the buildings, pick up your pet’s poop, and remember that your pet’s urine will destroy grass and shrubs if the same area is used on a continuous basis. To protect the grass and shrubs PLEASE take your dog over to the pine straw and get him or her accustomed to using this area.

We have installed two additional Fido Houses (also referred to as “poop stations”) to make it easier for pet owners to keep our community clean. The stations are located along Hillsdale Parkway – one is between the entrances of Rumson and lower Fair Haven and the other is between Springhedge and Lakes Edge. Please dispose the poop bags in the container on the Fido House pole.

Section 10.138 of the Cobb County Code addresses sanitation and the animal owner’s responsibility for cleaning up after their pet. Cobb County also requires animals to be on a leash and under your control at all times when outside unless the animal is contained by a fence. It is also illegal for a dog to be ‘tethered’ tying up an animal up and leaving him alone outside. You may contact Cobb County Animal Control at (770) 499-4136 to report any of these violations.

All Things Green

Gardening is not permitted in the common areas without the prior written approval of the Board. The one exception is weeding. Weeding is just fine. Please feel free to pull as many weeds as you like throughout the property. Unauthorized planting of flowers, shrubs, trees ground cover, mulch, etc. is subject to removal without notice and a fine may be imposed as well. If you want to do more than weeding please join the Landscaping Committee. This committee will be planting in selected areas throughout the community in the coming months.

We all like flowers but many species are invasive which creates additional work for the maintenance crew (which falls outside of their contract and costs the Association more money). This is why the Association restricts personal planting to the single 16″ planter residents can have by their front door and containers on balconies and patios. For safety reasons please make certain hanging baskets do not extend past the balcony railings.

Please park your car away from the curb so the front end doesn’t hang over the grass. This request is being made so that the grass is not killed from the heat of your car’s engine, the area can get sun and water, and Gibbs Landscape crews can evenly mow and edge the grass in the front of the buildings.

And, please do not back your car into a parking space, and ask your visitors to not back in as well.   Grass areas have been burned and destroyed by car and truck exhaust fumes. An example of this is in front of the 90’s building on Fair Haven.


All residents of the community must register their vehicle(s). Each unit is allowed 2 vehicles on the property and they must be registered to the unit and the decal must be affixed to the vehicle and easily identified. Residents may obtain these stickers by contacting Sharper Image or going to Please check the rules and regulations or call Sharper Image regarding types of vehicles which are not allowed on the property at any time and other important parking rules.

Balconies & Patios

Please, please, please do not nail or screw or affix anything to the siding on the balconies or patios. Only standard patio furniture should be placed in these areas (the patios and balconies should not be used for storage).


The Board hopes everyone has a great time at the pool this summer. Please be respectful of one another and abide by the rules posted on the large white sign inside the gate (which includes limiting the number of guests to 6 per condo (absolutely no exceptions) and no glass containers in the area). Please remember to lower the umbrellas when you leave the area so the wind does not blow them over.

In Case Of Emergency

Dial 911 for Police, Fire and Rescue

Your association does not provide security.

Please be safe and be aware of your surroundings. The police have told us that residents should not hesitate to call 911 if you see someone or something suspicious in the neighborhood. There is also a non-emergency number you may use for the Smyrna Police Department – 770-434-6666.

One final note from the Board:

To those of you who have so generously offered your assistance and pitched in on a number of projects over the past few months – THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

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